About Us

OHOW is a non-profit, independent organization and relies totally on donations and sponsors for all its operations.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • food to eat
  • cooking fuel
  • fresh water (no well is available)
  • school supplies
  • utilities
  • essential medical expenses as necessary
We need the funding as an ongoing basis–for example a 10 dollar donation can feed as many as 5 kids per day.  Our goal is to provide $750 per month to allow the orphanage to run without a feeling of scarcity, providing an environment for learning and living a Christ centered home.


The donations are being collected by Steven Sutankayo and then transferred to David as they are received.  This allows us to collect money from all countries through credit card payment (e.g. GoFundMe) or Paypal and then transfer the funds through the WorldRemit money transfer service.  Some donors give directly to David via Western Union or Moneygram.  To send directly to Katabalwa David Noe, please send an email to openheartsorphanage@gmail.com for details.  If you wish to become a regular donor, WorldRemit has some of the lowest fees but requires that you send identification to set up your account.

For anyone that would like a testimonial to the authenticity of our fundraising, please contact us for more information.  David works very hard for the health and welfare of the wards of the Orphanage, and deserves our faith and trust in his efforts:

Biography of Katabalwa David Noe,  Founder of Open Hearts for Orphans and Widows:

Hello Everybody, thank-you for taking a minute to look into my ministry, Open Hearts for Orphans and Widows. It is my hope that after reading this that you will better understand who I am and what my mission is all about – my life and my ministry here in Uganda.

I grew up in Bugiri Village, Uganda, for many years wandering as a homeless child. I remember a man named Muchaf who would let me sleep in the corridor of his house. He would feed me when he could. I went to school a little bit. I’m unsure of my age because my parents died from HIV when I was maybe 5 years old. Homeless, I walked around looking for someone to help me.

I know the Lord was with me then. At some point I met Julius Kasubana. His family opened their home to me and helped me learn about Jesus Christ and I became on fire for the Lord. I began preaching the gospel; Julius and I would travel to villages and people would give me resources like food and clothing. I then met a mentor who ran an orphanage called Bugiri Children’s Centre. The founder there, Masinano David, taught me more about God’s plan for humanity – for us to overcome our situation and live a spirit filled life, loving and caring for others. He taught me the bible and I became born again, giving my life to Jesus Christ in 2012. I continued travelling to villages preaching the gospel with Power.

God called me to where I am now, managing Open Hearts for Orphans and Widows in Uganda since January 2013. We are a registered not for profit organization and we don’t receive any support from the African government. Every day we strive to feed children who have no-one to provide for them.  Before us, the children here lacked what you would
consider basic necessities.

Many of the children go to bed hungry and wake up hungry because I do not have food to feed them. I pray and ask God, “What will we eat today?” because I can not buy food or clothing. It is very difficult raising children without food to give them.

Thank you for your support!


Bugiri – UGANDA